Does romance equal happiness in fiction? Plus two interviews with two Lauras!


In the eighth stop of my blog tour, I’m guest posting over at The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective about whether romance equals happiness in fiction (and whether it should). Here’s a taste of the post…

I’m a sucker for a good romance. Twilight is one of my favourite books and movies like Ten Things I Hate About You never fail to make me smile. But as much as I love stories like these, they make me slightly uncomfortable. Why? Because they seem to equate romance with happiness, and I’m not sure that’s a great message, particularly for young (and new) adults. Read more…


In my ninth stop, I’ve answered all of Laura J Moss‘s burning questions about self publishing, including why I decided to self publish, what factors I had to consider, how I chose my publishing mediums and what advice I’d give to people considering self publishing for themselves. Want a preview? Here you go!

Be aware that you will need to commit a great deal of time to the [self publishing] process to do it justice. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my self-publishing journey (except for the 2 a.m. crisis!), but it has consumed a LOT of my time and energy. You need to be prepared to not only be the author, but to also be the typesetter, the proofreader, the accountant, the distributor, the publicist… and the list goes on. Read more…


And in my tenth stop, it’s my turn to answer Laura Howard’s famous six questions over at Finding Bliss. I’ve revealed my top three favourite books (for now), my editing process for The Big Smoke and my inspiration for writing. Here’s a little sample for you:

When it comes to editing, focus on the macro issues first – look at the forest rather than the trees. With earlier iterations of The Big Smoke (then Entwined, before I decided to completely re-write it), I spent countless hours perfecting the prose of certain scenes, only to decide later that the entire chapter needed to go. Read more…



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6 responses to “Does romance equal happiness in fiction? Plus two interviews with two Lauras!

  1. Caught your post at Golden’s site!

  2. I read your post over at The Easgle’s Aerial Perspective. I am glad you are tacking the issue of romance and happiness, because it is a very emphasized relationship for young adults that I believe needs a new perspective. It is easy enough to get swept up in hormones and insecurities that having a significant other seems to make easier, without books and movies encouraging the dependency. Thanks for the post on the topic, really good points =)

  3. Going to check out your romance post 🙂

  4. Read and commented, as I like where you’re going with this. ^_^

  5. Interesting position on romance. For the youngsters, I agree. But for jaded old me, I like to escape into a good romance with a HEA. 🙂

    • Haha, don’t get me wrong, so do I! But I like the analogy another commenter used – romances can be like junk food and we need a few ‘vegetable’ books to make sure our expectations of reality don’t get too distorted. There’s definitely romance in The Big Smoke, it’s just a little more… measured?

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