Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest!


Tonight, I’m participating in the Did I Notice Your Book blogfest, hosted by awesome bloggers Ninja Captain Alex and Ciara Knight. As the name alludes, this blogfest encourages us to post about a book we’ve noticed. Here are the rules:

You can choose a book that you’ve read, something you saw on a blog or social media site, Goodreads, or a sales website. Anything that caught your eye because of a great cover, blurb or reviews, but DON’T tell the author that their book has been noticed. Instead, shout out on social media sites, and encourage others to do the same, until the author finds his/her book. 

Leave a blog comment at Ninja Captain Alex’s BLOG or Ciara Knight’s BLOG when the author finds their book. 

Only two rules: 

1) You can’t post about your own book. 
2) The book shouldn’t be on the New York Times or USA Today bestseller list. 
This is your chance to shout out about a book that might not have been noticed by others.
Confession time: there are 94 participants in this blogfest and I’m secretly hoping one of them will notice my book. Don’t know why I feel the need to share these embarrassing things, but there you have it. Moving on to the book I’ve noticed, I decided that I wanted to feature a book by a fellow indie new adult author, so I had a look through Goodreads to see what caught my interest. Here’s the book that captured my attention the most:


Description (from Goodreads): 

Courtesy of watching his mom’s relationships, Sebastian Hawkins knows what girls need to do to get a guy. He has what he considers a PHD in hooking up. When he needs extra cash for a car, Sebastian starts up an online venture as The Hook-up Doctor, to anonymously help girls land the guy of their dreams. Of course, his services don’t offer a happily-ever-after guarantee. He’s seen firsthand getting together never means staying together. 

And then he falls in love… 

With the last girl he would expect…

Totally not in his game plan. 

Suddenly, Sebastian finds himself muddled in the game he’s always prided himself on. He can’t even pick up girls at parties anymore! Why would anyone want to be in love when it turns you into a stuttering, screwed-up, mess with really lame stalker tendencies? Stalking? Totally not his gig. 

But the Hook-up Doctor won’t let himself go down easily. He’s always known how to give a girl what she wants and now it’s time to figure out what a boy wants… and he definitely plans on getting it.

Regular followers of my blog might realise part of what caught my attention about this book – the main character’s name is the same as the main male character in my soon-to-be released novel, The Big Smoke. And I don’t think Sebastian is a very common name!  What A Boy Wants sounds right up my alley and I’m looking forward to reading it.
I wonder if Nyrae will notice that I noticed her book? 🙂
Speaking of blogfests…
To celebrate the official launch of my new adult novel, The Big Smoke, I’ll be hosting a blogfest called The Year I Turned 18 from Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November. Seeing as both Ceara and Seb (the two main characters) turn 18 throughout the story, I thought it might be fun for us all to post about the year we turned 18. You can find out more about the blogfest in last week’s post.

Your turn

Have you read What a Boy Wants or other books by Nyrae Dawn? If so, what did you think?



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19 responses to “Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest!

  1. “Confession time: there are 94 participants in this blogfest and I’m secretly hoping one of them will notice my book.” – *hugs* I feel the same way! Luckily, one of mine was noticed, which is awesome!

    I LOVE Nyrae Dawn! What A Boy Wants is one of my favourites!

  2. That’s funny! Yeah, I guess we all hope someone will notice. I’m a host, so not worried about it or expecting it.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  3. great shout out! thanks for the rec!

  4. This blurb is so cool, and I totally need to read this! Thank you for stopping by my blog too 😀

  5. I love the cover and I have a Sebastian in my second novel. I am going to add this one to my list. Thanks for the intro.

  6. Sounds like a fun read!

  7. Someone just emailed me to say they saw my book on someone’s blog for this blogfest and I was really excited (!), so I understand you wanting someone to post about yours! It certainly has a gorgeous cover!

    Oh, and yes, I’ve read What A Boy Wants 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great book. I think the name, Sebastion, is becoming more popular. Maybe because it’s used in some really good books.

  9. A PHD in hooking up? This guy was my exact opposite growing up! lol Sounds like a fun read. 🙂

  10. A PhD in hooking up. Love that. Great find. Thanks for participating.

  11. lynnkelleyauthor

    Ah, this sounds like a fun and interesting read. Thank you! Best wishes with your new book.

  12. The book does sound interesting and I think a male lead in YA is always refreshing 🙂

  13. This does sound good. There aren’t a lot of books about teenage boys, it’s always nice to see another one.

  14. I hope someone did notice your book, Callie. I’ve seen this cover before.

  15. hilarymb

    Hi Cally – I sure hope someone notices your book during the fest – but we can all be latecomers!! As Joylene says a book about boys – seems an interesting premise .. I wonder if Nyrae will find your post .. cheers Hilary

  16. The Golden Eagle

    Sounds like a fun book. I hope someone noticed yours–bloggers’ books seemed to be popular from what I saw. 🙂

  17. What a fun idea for a blog hop. Hope the author finds it.

  18. Wow! That cover really draws you in.
    And the story sounds good, too.
    Great choice! 😀

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