‘The year I turned 18’ blogfest

I’m writing  this post from my hotel room at Rainbow Bay on Fraser Island, where Marky (husband) and I are enjoying our “babymoon”. For those not familiar with the term, a babymoon is a holiday to enjoy your life before everything changes! Ours is going wonderfully. Tomorrow, we are going whale watching. I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to show you!

The Year I Turned 18 Blogfest badge

The Big Smoke by Cally JacksonMoving on to the topic of the post, I’m excited to let you know about the blogfest I’m planning to run to celebrate the official launch of my ‘new adult’ novel, The Big Smoke. Seeing as both Ceara and Seb (the two main characters) turn 18 throughout the story, I thought it might be fun for us all to post about the year we turned 18. Your post can be about anything from that year – something momentous that happened, what your hopes and dreams were at that time, diary entries, anything that comes to mind. If you could include photos of you at 18, that would be doubly awesome! And if you haven’t turned 18 yet, you might like to post about what you hope will be happening for you in the year you turn eighteen.

What are the finer details?

The blogfest will run from Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November.

  • At 12:01am (AEST) Monday 29 October, a linky list and rafflecopter will go live on this site.  Post your entry on your blog and then add a direct link to your post to the linky tool before 11.59pm Friday 2 November (EST). (Yes, the start and finish time zones are different. I’ve gone with an early one for the start and a later one for the end. Hopefully  nobody will be caught out that way.)
  • Enter the competition to win a $20 Amazon voucher by entering your link into the rafflecopter.
  • All entries will receive a coupon to download an e-copy of The Big Smoke from Smashwords for 99 cents (down from $4.99).
  • To be eligible for the prize and coupon, please include a copy of the blogfest badge (above. To download, right click and select ‘Save image’) and The Big Smoke cover and blurb in your post.
  • You will receive extra points for tweeting about the blogfest and adding The Big Smoke to your Good Reads list.
  • Come back on Monday 5 November to see if you’ve won the $20 voucher!

Anything else I should do?

Glad you asked. These aren’t mandatory, but they’d definitely be appreciated.

  • Post and/or tweet about the blogfest in the weeks leading up to spread the word.
  • Throughout the blogfest, check out as many other entries as you can and give the participants some comment love!
  • Include the badge in your sidebar for the duration of the blogfest.

Can’t wait to read all of your blogfest entries and to release The Big Smoke into the world. Please leave a comment to let me know whether you’re planning to participate. :-)



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21 responses to “‘The year I turned 18’ blogfest

  1. This is such a fun and exciting idea 🙂 I plan to be involved with this, can’t wait.
    Thank you for the generous giveaway being included as well. I’m going to hop over to your ook link so I can check that out as well.

  2. Is this different than your blog tour? Cause I’m signed up to host you on October 29th and I notice that the date runs concurrently with that.

  3. Never heard of a babymoon. Must be an Australian thing. But it sounds great. I feel kind of cheated for not taking one. Interesting blogfest. Good luck with it!

  4. Cool idea for the blogfest, and love the “baby moon” 🙂

  5. Be happy to mention your blogfest this Friday!
    And my apologies – I thought I was following you before. I am now!

  6. That’s fun! I’ve put it into my diary 🙂

  7. This is a super cool bloghop idea!

  8. Cool! I’ll mark it down to post about it. 🙂

  9. My plan is to participate. Sounds like fun.

  10. I am signing up. Your blogfest coincides with my Halloween one. Please stop by and check mine out as well. Sounds like yours will be fun. I had a few memorable events at age 18 lol

  11. Well, I tried to sign up. Apparently, I missed something. lol

  12. Wonderful things happening!! So happy for you.

  13. This is getting closer and closer…. Very exciting!

    Also want to let you know I have given you a Liebster award! Check out my Liebster Award post to grab your badge and find Out about paying the award forward 🙂


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  15. This is such a cool blogfest idea! I’ll definitely participate. It’s always fun to relive past birthdays 🙂

  16. Hi there, I will pass this along on Wednesday on my blog, and I hope to participate. Sounds like fun! 18 was a momentous year for me, for sure!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

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  18. This looks fun! I’m in! 🙂

  19. I just learned about this blogfest through Shannon’s site and I’m totally in. What a great idea!

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