Blogfest: what was your childhood monster?

Today, I’m participating in Christine Rains’ ‘What Was Your Childhood Monster?’ Blogfest, in celebration of her recent release, paranormal romance novella Fearless.

Firstly, a bit about Fearless

Abby White was seven years old when she killed the monster under her bed. Now she slays creatures spawned by the imaginations of children, and the number of these nightmares are on the rise. Neither she nor her guide – a stuffed hippo named Tawa – know why. With a gorgeous fae fighting at her side, she must avoid distraction and find a way to become truly fearless.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m looking forward to reading it. You can buy it in hard copy at Createspace or download an e-copy for free at Smashwords!

My childhood monsters

So, onto the blogfest. There are two monsters that I remember scaring the life out of me in childhood and both came from fiction.

The first was a werewolf. My well-meaning parents let me watch My Mom’s a Werewolf (which, in their defence, is actually a comedy) at the ripe old age of seven (actually I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but let’s run with seven).

Although I enjoyed the movie itself and didn’t find it remotely frightening, the idea of werewolves planted itself in my brain and soon had me waking up at 3am every morning, scared out of my wits. In order to save myself, I’d take my pillow and doona, sneak into Mum and Dad’s bedroom and spend the rest of the night on their floor. Surely no werewolves would get me in there!

Unfortunately, I always slept beside Dad’s side of the bed, and he stepped on me every time he got up (by accident, I assume). I can’t remember how I eventually got over the fear; I guess I just grew out of it. Or maybe I got sick of Dad stepping on me. But I know it lasted a good few months.

My next childhood monster introduced itself to me at aged ten (or thereabouts) through a book of short, scary stories. Most of the stories were dumb, not scary at all, until I read the one about the vampire. It was a traditional vampire, sleeping in a coffin by day and only coming out at night to drink people’s blood. AGH!

My dad came into my bedroom that night while I was sleeping and noticed I was clutching something in my hand. He pried my little fingers open to find several cloves of garlic. I woke up and begged him not to take them away, but he did, attempting to convince me that I had nothing to be scared about because vampires aren’t real. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night – it’s surprising I didn’t end up back on Mum and Dad’s bedroom floor!

So there you have it. My two most memorable childhood monsters. What were yours? If you’d like to participate in the blogfest, you have until Thursday 9 August!



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11 responses to “Blogfest: what was your childhood monster?

  1. A werewolf and a vampire. You had two of the most popular monsters scaring you! That’s cute about the garlic. Thank you for sharing your monsters with us and for helping promote my novella. 🙂

  2. Oh, I had no idea what vampires were when I was young. We were never allowed to watch rated R movies, or anything. Heck, we didn’t even have cable. LOL I think I would have knocked my dad down to get the garlic. 🙂

  3. minalobo

    Good old garlic…I’ve kept some in a bowl on my desk at work to keep away some evil colleagues, but to little effect, I’m afraid. 🙂
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I love the garlic. That’s so cute. I’m Italian, and we reek of garlic on a daily basis. I remember specifically chewing on chunks of it though, after reading my first “vampire” story. Great entry!

  5. Werewolves and vampires – the classic terrors of mankind. They definitely gave me some sleepless nights!

  6. The Golden Eagle

    Traditional vampires are quite scary! It’s interesting how vampires have changed the more they appear in fiction–the newer ones who look like they’ve been dumped in glitter are rather less terrifying.:P

  7. Aw, Cally–I feel so sorry for your ten-year-old self getting that garlic pried away! Cool stories, though–thanks for sharing!

  8. Vicki Tremper

    Witches used to hide in my closet and fly by my window. I slept with the covers pulled up over my head. But then I couldn’t breathe and it got too warm under there. It was awful. LOL.

  9. I had lots of older siblings to cuddle up to when I was afraid, but my own children got stepped on by me a few times.

  10. You know, I’ve learned something doesn’t have to be set as scary to turn out that way. The oddest things have become the stuff of nightmares for my kids, and it’s hard to predict what will end up doing it.

    My monster:

  11. We lived out on a sugar cane estate when I was growing up and I was afraid of REAL LIFE things! Namely snakes, monkeys and men with ski masks and guns/knives. I heard real life stories about people getting mugged, raped and murdered on the deserted roads near where we lived. And I was afraid for my dad whenever he went out for a run. I don’t think the men ever showed up in my nightmares, but the monkeys and snakes sure did!
    (And ohmygosh this one night these two security guards came onto our property to check something, but we weren’t expecting them, and I turned over in bed to see flashing torches through my curtains and darkened shapes and the sound of men whispering!)

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