Bumpdate, book blurb and others bits and bobs

Given your wonderful comments when I announced my pregnancy recently, I thought some of you may be interested in a little bumpdate (bump update). Today, I’m 15 ½ weeks pregnant and I’m not ‘showing’ too much yet. According to my husband, my bump isn’t even big enough to warrant a photo on the blog yet (bah!).

I seem to look more pregnant in the afternoons and evenings than in the mornings (I’ll let you figure that one out), and I’m still waiting for the first trimester fatigue to wain (which is very irritating but at least I don’t feel nauseous any more!). I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Next topic – that blasted book blurb. I’ve made some more changes based on your feedback, and feel like I’m much closer to nailing it. Who knows, maybe this is the final version. As always, keen to hear your feedback!


Ceara’s desperate for love; Seb’s desperate to get laid. Ceara adores reading novels; Seb hasn’t finished a book in years. Two strangers, both moving from small country towns to Brisbane – the big smoke. As they prepare to attend the same university, their paths seem set to collide, but they keep missing each other. Maybe fate is keeping them apart, or maybe it’s just chance.

When the semester starts, things get complicated. Ceara’s best friend withdraws from her, Seb’s closest mate turns into a sleazebag, and the relentless demands of university make their stress levels soar. Before their first semester is over, both Seb and Ceara will be forced to question who they are and what they want from their lives. Will they have the courage to find the answers, or will they crumble under the pressure? And when they finally meet, will it be love at first sight or a collision of headstrong personalities?

Let me know your thoughts!

Write Club

Have you heard about Write Club? The first rule of Write Club is to talk about Write Club. So that’s what I’m doing!

Essentially Write Club involves sending in 500 words of your writing anonymously and going into the ring against another writer. Fellow bloggers vote on their faves and the rounds keep going until there’s a final winner.

The writing can be any genre, any style (even poetry) with the word count being the only restriction. There’s an amazing line-up of agents who’ll decide the final winner so I’d definitely consider having a crack. First round kicks off 30 July.

Your turn

What do you think of the blurb? Are you thinking of participating in Write Club? Anything else exciting going on in your world? 🙂



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14 responses to “Bumpdate, book blurb and others bits and bobs

  1. DL Hammons

    Thank you for the mention Cally! Can’t wait to get the fun started! 🙂

  2. The Golden Eagle

    Great blurb. I like the way it brings together two individual storylines–and you just have to wonder what will happen when they finally do meet. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you aren’t nauseous. About bump sizes, be patient and eat well. If you are a vegetarian, remember that your body may not understand yet – it could take thousands of generations before it does. I have data – ask.
    Your blurb is great – I love it. Could the sentence “Maybe fate is keeping them apart, or maybe it’s just chance.” have a question mark? Could that sentence be more hooky if it is changed to “Is it chance that’s keeping them apart or…?” (i.e. something else the reader rates e.g God, fate,bad breath etc)

    • Interesting. I’m not a ‘proper’ vegetarian. I’m more of an ‘ethical omnivore’ – I only eat sustainable seafood and free range chicken.

      Thanks for your comments on the blurb. You may have noticed I took some of your previous suggestions on board. I prefer the sentence that you’ve mentioned as a statement not a question, but I still appreciate your thoughts!

  4. Congratulations! And the blurb was nicely done. Good rise in tension, and you have a definite voice.

  5. The blurb is looking great! Well done!
    Thanks for reminding me about Write Club. I must check that link out again…

  6. 15 1/2 weeks already! So exciting! Won’t be long before you can feel the little fellow moving around 🙂 (Why do I think it’s a boy? Have you told us that, or am I just imaging in things?) Glad you’re not feeling sick anymore, and the fatigue should fade soon too! I think this is your best version of the blurb so far. And the Write Club challenge sounds really great – I’m interested to read it, although I’m sure my entry would be knocked right out of the ring!

    • I’m hoping I can feel the bub move soon. So exciting! And I don’t know what gender it is yet so you’ve come up with that on your own. Maybe it’s a sign? 😉

      Glad you enjoyed this version of the blurb!

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