Michael Offutt in the HOT SEAT

Michael Offutt has been putting this off for ages now. He was able to hold me off for a while, saying he had no books to talk about, but now that he’s officially a published author, his excuses have run out. He must face his fate. And that fate is… the HOT SEAT!

Yes, that’s right folks. You thought you were safe, but it’s back! Prepare for further buttocks burnings! 😀

Michael Offutt

Gday, Michael!

Let’s get started. What genre(s) do you write?

I write science-fiction/dark fantasy in third-person omniscient. My science-fiction takes place on Earth instead of in outer space. Plus I like young characters, so my story features a boy protagonist that is 17-years-old. 

[CJ: That’s my kind of sci-fi. I much prefer stories that are earth-based, don’t ask me why!]

Tell us about your recently published book, Slipstream, in 25 words or less!

Jordan Pendragon is a brainy jock who falls in love with a guy and discovers he’s an archangel created to fix a broken computer.

[CJ: Wow, that sounds like a lot to deal with! I’m assuming that computer is kind of important?]

Short answer: Yes. Long Answer: The computer was designed to prevent humanity from going extinct, and it’s really powerful. In my story, it went insane and Jordan is supposed to restore its programming.

Most of us write part time. How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

I work full-time programming environmental control units for quadriplegics and setting up computer systems for disadvantaged people who are looking to find a job or to further their education in order to get a job.

[CJ: Sounds like rewarding work!] 

Tell us a little about your writing process.

I get an idea for a novel, plot it out, and then write it.

[CJ: You make it sound so straightforward! :)]

Who or what are your biggest writing inspirations?

Writing something and then having one person say they liked it is the biggest inspiration. It makes me want to write something else for them..

[CJ: I know that feeling. It’s amazing – and definitely inspirational. :D]

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a writer?

Finding people supportive of my writing.

[CJ: Hooray for the blogosphere, hey? :)]

Time for the HOT SEAT questions!

Hot Seat

*Insert scary music here*

Have you ever considered giving up writing? Why? What made you continue?

Yeah. I continued because I asked myself, “what else am I going to do?” 

[CJ: Fair enough!]

Finish this sentence from your character Jordan’s perspective: Something most people don’t know about me is…

I’m really scared of failing.  

[CJ: Aww, poor Jordan! I feel ya, buddy…]

Now finish the same sentence from your perspective: Something most people don’t know about me is… 

I don’t have many actual friends.

[CJ: Quality over quantity, right? :)]


More about Slipstream:

Jordan Pendragon is crazy good at fixing situations that have gone bad. It’s a talent prized by his high school ice hockey team. However, when a car accident puts Jordan in the hospital, he wakes up with more than just an amazing slapshot in his toolbox. Jordan can manipulate space-time and in just a few weeks, he’ll depend on it to save his life.

If you’re interested in buying Slipstream, visit Michael’s books page.

If you’d like to hear more from Michael, check out his blog or follow him on Twitter.

Think you’re tough enough for the HOT SEAT? Let me know in the comments and I’ll schedule you in for a buttocks burning. 😀



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16 responses to “Michael Offutt in the HOT SEAT

  1. Nice hotseat interview 🙂 Michael, I agree with Cally that it’s quality over quantity. Having lots of ‘eh’ friends isn’t all that special 🙂

  2. Awh thank you Cally 🙂 I appreciate the free exposure. I shall be sure to check back often this weekend.

  3. Nice interview, enjoyed it.


  4. Great interview. What an interesting job Michael has! Slipstream sound very good – I will have to add it to my extensive TBR list 🙂

  5. Well, I already won my spider, but I’m still here, and the book is on my stack.

  6. Vicki Tremper

    Another great hot seat interview, Cally! Slipstream sounds awesome!

  7. Fantastic interview! And it definitely is about the quality rather than the quantity when it comes to friends. 🙂

  8. A solid, revealing interview — you’re a treasure, Michael. You deserve hordes of readers and just as many actual friends (I hope I’m one of your many virtual ones).

  9. Poor Jordan! His fear of falling makes that one scene even more amazing doesn’t it?

    Great interview!

  10. pk hrezo

    That was cute! And congrats to Michael for his book! It sounds really great. And you know, finding people supportive of our writing is probably the hardest thing all writers face.

  11. Thanks everyone for commenting. And oooh yes, Charity, it does indeed. And yes, Helena, we are most definitely friends.

    Thank you Cally for putting me in the hot-seat. ’twas a lot of fun. I shall return the favor when your book comes out.

  12. The Golden Eagle

    Great interview!

    That does make the writing process sound easy . . . would be nice if it was always just idea, plot, write. LOL.

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