Why I love my Kindle

Me and my Kindle!

A little while ago, I mentioned that I’d bought a Kindle and that I’d post what I thought once I’d had a chance to read a few books on it. Well, that time has passed come.

Previously, I was reluctant to join the e-book world for a few reasons, such as:

  • I love the experience of reading a paper book, the smell, the feel, etc…
  • I don’t like what e-book sales are doing to bookstores.

My first concern has faded into non-existence, because it turns out that I much prefer the e-reading experience. Why? Because I love being able to:

  • put my Kindle down anywhere and pick it up again without losing my page
  • adjust the font size
  • highlight eloquent phrasing and make notes about technique
  • carry my current read around in my handbag, regardless of how long it is
  • search for a particular phrase when I want to check a potential plot inconsistency / repetitious phrase (yes, I do this in books I’m reading)
  • buy books for a much cheaper price (usually) than their paper equivalents
  • access a wider variety of books, including those that have only been digitally published
  • buy books from the comfort of home and have them instantly available (this is also slightly dangerous).

Initially, the non-touch screen irked me a little but now I don’t even think about it and giggled at my husband when he picked it up a few days ago and started prodding the screen.

Here are the only things that I don’t like about my Kindle:

  • Sometimes mainstream Australian books aren’t available for the Kindle (particularly if they were published more than a few years ago).
  • I’m still uncomfortable with the fact that I’m contributing to book shops in Australia closing down because I’m buying almost all of my books from Amazon. I still try to buy some books from my favourite independent bookstores, but it’s difficult when they’re double the e-book price.

How about you?

Do you have an e-reader? Do you love or hate the e-reading experience? If you don’t have one, are you considering making the switch?



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22 responses to “Why I love my Kindle

  1. Ian Wynne

    Love reading books on my iPhone. Especially like the convenience of having it with me wherever I go, whether it’s on a bus or in a Dr’s surgery. Yes you have to turn the page a lot more often, but when it’s just a tap with a finger it’s hardly a problem. Like being able to adjust the font size and particularly like being able to read in bed without a “big” book forcing me to have my arms out from under the doona etc. Also handy being able to have just a tiny lamp on the bedside and not a spotlight keeping Berry awake.
    And the cost’s a big advantage, although I think Kindle is pushing their luck a bit sometimes. I like to keep them honest by having the e-pub, Kobo and other readers on my phone so I can shop around a bit and don’t have to stick with Kindle and Amazon.
    Have thought about a Kindle, an iPad etc, but find the phone just too convenient!

    • Good idea splitting your purchases between e-retailers. I’ve read a couple of books on my iPhone too – usually when I forget to take my Kindle. I love that they automatically synch up!

  2. I have a basic Kindle – not one of the fancy new color ones with all the bells and whistles. I love the non-backlit screen – easy on the eyes – and the ability to make the font side large enough that I don’t have to wear my glasses to read. I love the convenience, the portability, and the fact that I can have a whole lot of books without having to add a new wing on the house 🙂 I still prefer traditional books, but I’m getting used to the Kindle. I wish there was a way to organize the books better – into read and not-read at least so it’s easier to find things.

    • Mine is the basic Kindle too. I decided it did all I needed. You know, I think there is a way to organise the books. I haven’t got enough books on my Kindle to have bothered figuring it out yet, but I have a vague memory of seeing something about it in the manual. Might be worth a look?

  3. I have the Kindle app on my desktop so that I can e-published works, but I don’t enjoy it much, because it means I have to be sitting here in front of my computer to read. Since I sit here in front of my computer most of the day typing, I don’t like sitting here to do my reading, too. Also, I hate that often traditionally published works cost -more- for the Kindle than buying the paper equivalent from Amazon, and I refuse to do that. I’m not forking more money into publishers’ pockets when that extra money is not going to the authors.

    • Do you have a smart phone? You can read e-books on them too (if you can handle the small screen). I agree that it’s frustrating when publishers charge the same or more for an e-book than a p-book. I’m not sure what they think they’ll achieve by doing that, but whatever it is, I don’t think it’s working!

  4. Love my Kindle! I usually have one book I’m reading on it, and one with real pages. You’re so right that nothing will ever replace the feel and smell of a book, but they both have their advantages.

    Have you been on the Pixel of Ink website? They list free ebooks all the time, and some with reduced prices.

  5. Dan

    I’ve done my research on e-readers, and I’ve settled on the Kindle Touch! Will get it soon before I change my mind. As for contributing to the closure of brick-and-mortar bookstores, I wouldn’t feel guilty about what’s ultimately inevitable.

  6. I got a Kindle Fire (as a gift). I’m with you on the buying / reading experience. It is pretty awesome. If I could choose, i would have chosen a Kindle Touch (and I’d add that with the normal kindle – which my Dad has – unless you know what you’re lookign for, I found books difficult to search).I especially love the book recommendations – when I buy one book (for less than $2 usually, though as an author that makes me cringe) I get a whole slew of similiar reads listed right in front of me. LIke you said… dangerous…

    There’s no doubt e-ink is THE BEST TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ALL TIME. I wish I had it… but it is pretty cool to take my Kindle Fire to the mall and still be able to search web / maps, etc. And my son can play app games on it when we go out for lunch. And I can read it in the dark with no light… so yeah, it definitely has it’s good points. All in all, I’m buying hardbacks of books I love / new releases from authors I want to support, and e-books of everything else I can get my hands on.

    • OF ALL TIME, hey? Big call. It’s definitely up there with sliced bread though. 😉

      I’m hoping that one day before the end of the year, you’ll be able to download MY book onto your Kindle Fire. Eep! How exciting will that be?! 🙂

  7. I have an iPad with the Amazon Kindle app installed. With the touchscreen, one nifty innovation the Kindle app has available is the ability to highlight an unknown word and instantly see the definition.

    My eleven year old daughter carries a backpack to school every day that frequently weighs nearly as much as she does. There’s no way this can be good for her back. Next year, she will be using an iPad in class. This I am excited about.

    Still, like you, I harbor guilt about the effects Amazon is wreaking upon small bookstores. One consolation, there are competing online stores cropping up that give local bookstores some kickback for advertising their services. When you log in to their site, you’re asked to provide the name of the bookstore where you discovered them. Kind of neat. The online store providing this service is named Blio. I wonder if such an app would be available for a Kindle Fire…

    • That’s a really good point about kids not having to carry backpacks that weigh a tonne any more. I remember lugging my bag around and moaning about it. Getting rid of that is a definitely plus for e-books!

      You can highlight words and look up definitions on the Kindle device itself – but if you’ve only got the wi-fi version (like me), you have to be connected for that function to work. From what I understand, wi-fi isn’t as prevalent here as in the US but we’re slowly making progress.

  8. JessB

    i just got a Kobo e-reader, and I’m loving it. So light! So full of books! So easy to use!

    Having said that, I haven’t bought a single book to put on it so far, as I’m enjoying the free classics that came pre-loaded. I also love the feel of paper books, and having worked in more than one bookstore, would never just buy e-books. But I’d like to think that I’ll buy a mix of e-books and paper books from now on.

  9. I love my kindle. I also read books on my iTouch, but I haven’t fully committed to that yet. Too small. I’ve had to set myself a strict one-book-per-month limit, or else I’ll go crazy and find myself staring at an empty bank account.

    I’ve found I don’t miss ink and paper books nearly as much as I thought I would. I do regret that bookstores are going out of business. There was one I used to go to when I was in college, Nooks and Crooks. I haven’t been around that end of the city since I graduated, but I’m pretty sure if Nooks isn’t already out of business, they will be soon, which makes me sad.

    • Ooh one book per month would be TOUGH. Don’t forget there’s the free classics if you’re getting desperate! I know what you mean about favourite local bookstores going out of business. Mine is still running and I’m hoping it stays that way for a long time to come.

  10. Vicki Tremper

    I relate to everything you said. While I’d love for brick and mortar bookshops to remain in existence, the speed of technological advances means our world is constantly changing. Whether we like it or not, this is progress. One thing I love about my Kindle is that I can put my manuscripts on it and edit on the go. Anywhere. Anytime.

  11. pk hrezo

    Hi Cally! I was reluctant at first too. But now? I’d rather have my kindle! I love the ease of it (especially on the treadmill) and it’s so easy for getting books. And the benefit of sending my own mss to it for editing is just priceless!

    • Haven’t tried e-reading on the treadmill. Perhaps because I’ve barely done any exercise since I bought my Kindle. The two factors are potentially related…

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