The 24-hour Book

I’ve recently learned of a super-exciting project coming up in Brisbane, my home city, on 11 June. Aptly named the 24-Hour Book, the project involves a team of authors and editors collaborating, writing, and publishing a book in one 24-hour period.

At midday on 11 June, nine Australian authors will gather at the State Library of Queensland and begin writing furiously. Their stories will be written live, and they’ll post their work-in-progress online so readers can see the story develop and offer ideas and suggestions and contributions. When the stories are finished, a crew of editors will take the text from manuscript to a book.

How cool does that sound? I’ll definitely be watching on and making suggestions. Maybe I’ll influence its progress… The day after the project (12 June),  the finished book will be available in both digital and print.

Why are collaborators doing this project? Because they can, and because it’ll be fun. They also hope to “explore how a digital process informs and influences collaborative writing and editing in a combination of face-to-face and screen-to-screen.”

“There are really three collaborations taking place: author to author, author to editor, and book to audience. As we write, updates will be made accessible on the web, the audience will be able to see the work unfolding on screen and interact with it via comments. Comments and suggestions will be filtered back to the authors, potentially influencing the direction of the story.”

I’m terribly excited about being a part of this, especially considering some of my favourite authors are involved. The line-up includes Nick Earls, Steven Amsterdam, Kristy Kneen, P.M Newton, Christopher Currie, Rjurik Davidson, Angela Slatter, Geoff Lemon and Simon Groth.

Bring on 11 June! If you’re interested, you can find out more about the project at the Future of the Book website.

Your turn

What do you think of this project? Will you be watching it unfold? Do you think we’ll be seeing more projects like this in the future? Is that a good or a bad thing, in your opinion?



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6 responses to “The 24-hour Book

  1. What a totally cool idea! I would love to watch it unfold! I will not be in front of my computer that day though, so you will have to tell me how it goes!

  2. Wow, I love that idea! It’s like extreme-NaNo 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. JessB

    Very extreme, but I think it’s great! I’ve put it in my diary, and I’ll be checking online on the day.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! Possibly a tad stressful for the authors involved (well, I’d find it stressful working under a deadline like that!), but still super cool!
    I’ve also added it to my diary 🙂

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