Grateful in April

Have you heard of Melina Schamroth‘s awesome brain child Grateful in April? It’s a global campaign that encourages all of us to focus on feeling good about what we’ve already got in our lives.

According to Melina, it’s amazing what can occur when you find ways to be grateful for what you already have. And you know what? I’ve got to agree. I’ve been receiving Melina’s daily tips for the last week now and this gratefulness thing is really growing on me.

So I thought I’d encourage all of you to check out the campaign before April is up. And to get you thinking about what you’re grateful for, here’s just a few of the things I’ve realised (or re-affirmed) that I’m hugely grateful for:

  • for my amazingly patient and wonderful husband
  • for my parents and their unerring love and support
  • for my big little brother and his wicked sense of humour (like when he told me my blog posts go straight to his spam folder – at least I hope he was joking!) 😉
  • for my wonderful circle of friends and extended family – for those I’ve known since childhood and those I’ve only known for a few years. Thanks for all the fun times – and the support through the not-so-fun times.
  • for living in a country with a good medical system and understanding of mental health (I’m not saying that it couldn’t be improved, but compared to many other countries, we are very fortunate)
  • for the positive attitude of my manager and team at work – they make coming to work five days a week so much easier!
  • for flexible working options
  • for the magpie that sung me a little song as I walked through my front gate today
  • for the ecstatic greeting my dog Lucy gives me every time I arrive home
  • for all of the authors who have captured my imagination and made me want to follow in their footsteps by becoming a writer
  • for my beta readers and the hours they’ve each put into reading and providing feedback on my book
  • for my fellow writer-bloggers, who continually challenge, entertain and inspire me
  • and finally, for you, my readers, for your insightful, encouraging and often hilarious comments! 🙂

Your turn

How about you? What are you grateful for this April?



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7 responses to “Grateful in April

  1. I’m grateful that I wasn’t born mentally retarded. Not insulting anyone by that comment. I just work with people who are handicapped in this manner, and I am grateful it didn’t happen to me.

  2. touchwooddesign

    I’m grateful for the beautiful sunsets I get to watch while I stay back late at work…

  3. That’s a pretty long list! How fantastic!
    At this very moment, the thing I’m most grateful for is that when my brother fell off his bike into the road this evening, the car coming down the road was far enough away to stop in time. Thank you God for that one!

  4. What a great list. And it’s so true, actively realizing what you have to be grateful for can really change/help your attitude about things. It’s like listing the things you have accomplished in a day instead of listing the things you have to do 🙂

  5. Libby Brain

    I am grateful for having a wonderful daughter and son-in-law who I enjoy spending time with and who treat me as an equal… also let’s not forget about my beautiful grand”dog”ter Lucy!

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