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It’s time for this months Insecure Writers’ Support Group post!

I have a bit of a problem, and I have a feeling I’m not alone. I have a feeling this problem is shared by many writers. So here it is… I want everything I write to be perfect. No errors. See, the onley reason I feel comfortable with this going live is becuase I figure you’ll cotton on to what Im doing.

But what about you? DOes this post make your eyes bleed? How would you feel if you discovered that a post you’d published had multiple errors in it? would you be horrifyed? would you be worried what the people who’d read it thought of you? I would. Because writing is what I (try to) do best. Writing is my profesion – both paid and unpaid.

But maybe my fears are a little OTT. I mean, I’ve read posts with errors in them before. I noticed them, sure, but I didn’t assume the author was a terible writer. I just assumed they were in a bit of rush that day and hadn’t been as thorough as they could have been.

What do you think when you see errors in a post? Do you write off the author (pardon the pun)? Or just assume they were in a hurry?

SHould I be as paranoid as I am about making mistakes? Are you? Any tips on how to get over the fear (other than write a post riddeled with them)? 😉

P.S. Don’t forget to support other insecure writers!



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7 responses to “Insecure Writers’ Support Group: perfecshunism

  1. waitingforthatrocket

    Too early (my time) to be twitchy 😉

  2. Hi 🙂

    I am always paranoid about having mistakes in my blog posts, and often there are… I correct any i see once it’s posted lol. I’m a complete hypocrite though lol. I don’t think badly of errors in other bloggers posts, but I think they will think badly of me, if that makes sense lol.

    My worst problem is errors in my comments as I use an iPad and the spell check is ridiculous. If I don’t read through the comment before I post 9 times out of 10 it will have changed a word to something that doesn’t make sense lol


  3. I feel for you. I am, unfortunately, not a perfectionist. I know I have errors, and I try not to stress about it. I’ll fix it if I find it after the fact. I swear I can read something a billion times and still find mistakes, so I’d never posted if I didn’t just give up and hit the button.

  4. I am horrified by my mistakes, I fret and toss and suffer thinking about them but I know they’re part of life, at least human life, and there’s nothing I can do but keep correcting and hoping I’ll get better.

    Good luck!
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  5. julibe27

    Ugh, yes, I CRINGE when I go back and read something and realize a typo totally biffed the punch line of my favorite joke on Facebook. That horrifying realization is compounded TENFOLD when I find a typo in the first chapter I just sent to an agent!! It kind of makes me want to go find their personal computer and delete the original file I sent. Then go all Harry Potter on them and “OBLIVIATE!” their memory.

    Just sayin’.

    Then again, I think we should realize that a few small typos aren’t going to make or break our work. If they’re all over the place, then, yeah, it’s gonna be a problem. But one or two? We should try to de-stress-a-tize our lives and not worry!

    The optimal word being: TRY!! Haha ( :

  6. I guess I should be more paranoid about having mistakes in my posts. If I find mistake after posting, I just pop in and edit it, no stress.

    I’m much more paranoid about mistakes in my fiction writing. I have to force myself not to read over drafts before I finish a novel, otherwise it will never get done. I’ll waste all my writing time nitpicking over errors in sections that may end up getting cut out of the novel entirely, if I’d only let myself finish it. I much prefer revision to drafting.

  7. I’m still a perfectionist, but I used to be even worse! I used to read and re-read a post (and my comments on other people’s blogs!) before I clicked Publish, terrified of putting silly mistakes out there. But these days there just isn’t enough time to be that paranoid! When I see the occasional error in other blog posts, I’m pretty forgiving (except for the your/you’re mix-up. Ugh, that one BUGS ME SO MUCH!), so I hope that people would be forgiving of my blog post typos too!

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