I wish I wrote that (Before I Fall)

Today’s quotes come from Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

If you have no idea what this segment is about, read this post.)


I wish I wrote that

“I know no one else in the hall will get it, but still I’m embarrassed and can feel heat creeping up my neck. He’s always doing things like that: acting like he knows me better than anyone else just because we used to play in the sandbox together a hundred years ago. Acting like nothing that’s happened in the past ten years has changed anything, even though it’s changed everything.”

“Elody’s the most experienced of any of us. She lost her virginity sophomore year and has already had sex with two different guys. She was the one who told me she was sore after the first couple of times she had sex, which made me ten times more nervous. It may sound crazy, but I never really thought of it as something physical, something that would make you sore, like soccer or horseback riding. I’m scared that I won’t know what to do, like when we used to play basketball in gym and I’d always forget who I was supposed to be guarding or when I should pass the ball and when I should dribble it.”

Why do I like them?

They capture the teen head space so well. I think we’ve all had someone who we were friends with when we were young, but who we grew apart from. And when you look at them years later, you feel like you no longer know them at all. The first quote captures this feeling perfectly, and in that very dismissive teen way. (I’m not saying that all teenagers are dismissive, just that it’s an attitude you often see in teens.)

And the second quote is just so real. Surely every teenager – male or female – has worried they won’t know how to, erm, make it work! It’s not hard to imagine this quote being plucked directly from a teenager’s diary and incorporated into this piece of fiction. I can only hope that passages of my own novel(s) will feel this real.

Your turn

What do you think of these snippets? Like them? Hate them? Indifferent? Do they remind you of any other fiction you’ve read recently?

If these quotes have sparked your interest in Before I Fall, you might want to read my review.



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6 responses to “I wish I wrote that (Before I Fall)

  1. I LOVED this book! I totally wish I had written the whole thing, not just these quotes 🙂

  2. Definitely full of angsty sexual tension in the minds of aggressive females with raging hormones. Not every girl has these “opportunities” but they aren’t “interesting” so don’t get written about. I assume the usual stereotypes apply here…dude that girl wants to award with sex is slim and trim with six pac abs and perfect body–a virgin land that girl also wants to explore. In many ways, writing young adult literature is a reflection of high school. The ones that get all the attention are still in the “in crowd”. I guess that Bowling for Soup song “High School Never Ends” is definitely appropriate.

    • Very interesting indeed, Michael. I disagree that the characters that get the most attention in YA fiction are those in the “in crowd”. Most of the books I’ve read are from the perspective of someone being picked on or on the fringes, not Miss Popular. Before I Fall is obviously an exception here, but the main character Sam goes through a huge process of realisation throughout the book.

      I agree with you about the ‘High School Never Ends’ song though – it doesn’t seem to matter how much the world changes, the rites and passages of high schools stay exactly the same. Thanks for your thoughts as always. 🙂

  3. I still haven’t read this book! I love the excerpts. I think they convey quite a lot about the character…

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