My turn to be interviewed!

Michelle Merrill's blog header

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve been interviewed on the wonderful Michelle Merrill’s blog Perfecting the Craft. Please scoot over and have a look-see and while you’re there, make sure you check out some of her other posts too!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday (or Friday for those who are behind the Aussie times :D).



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6 responses to “My turn to be interviewed!

  1. Heading over there now…

  2. Loved the interview, and thanks so much for saying you’d visit my blog. You made my day 🙂

  3. Cally thanks so much for linking my blog here! It was so much fun to interview you. And I read your next post already. I’m sorry you’re sick but congrats on finished that revision! That’s awesome that you had the brain power to finish it while sick. My brain doesn’t work during certain things and sickness is one of them!

    Thanks again for answering my questions and being on my blog!

    • Thanks, Michelle! I had lots of fun being interviewed. My brain often doesn’t work when I’m sick, but it did this time. I think it’s because I’m obsessed (which probably isn’t healthy, but meh!). 🙂

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