I wish I wrote that (Twelve Sharp)

Today’s quotes comes from Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

(If you have no idea what this segement is about, read this post.)


Twelve Sharp

I wish I wrote these quotes

“I was leaking nervous fear, sweating in places I didn’t think had sweat glands.”

“Two uniformed guards stood back watching the shoppers. The woman looked like she’d gained some weight since they’d issued her uniform.”

“I realised that sometime during the kiss I’d inserted my leg between his and had plastered myself to him in all the strategic places. I inched away and smoothed out the wrinkles where I’d gripped his shirt.”

“He was a good friend, and he was married to my cousin Shirley the Whiner.”

Why do I like them?

They’re funny. Pretty simple, really. Twelve Sharp is actually the only Janet Evanovich book I’ve read (and I hear they’re all pretty similar). While it’s not my usual genre, sometimes it’s nice just to have a good laugh.

Your turn

What do you think of these snippets or this author? Like them? Hate them? Indifferent?



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18 responses to “I wish I wrote that (Twelve Sharp)

  1. I find them interesting and humorous. I like the authors voice.

  2. They don’t seem extraordinary to me. Just average writing.

    • Interesting. I found them quite quirky. And obviously a lot of people like Evanovich’s style, given her success. But I do agree – they’re not earth shattering. They’re just funny.

  3. Hi Cally, When I previously visited your blog, it also was an I Wish I Wrote That post. What a difference a writer makes! I forget who you cited previously, but that author had an inspiring gift. These snippets from Evanovich, on the other hand, don’t resonate. They have a bit of cleverness to them, but they read like the first or second homework assignment from a Creative Writing class. It’s fascinating to consider the levels/voices that get published and have a fan base.

    • It is fascinating, isn’t it? I do like these quotes (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have featured them), but I agree there’s very little ‘depth’ to them. I assume that the people who read this series religiously read it for some comic relief and not much else. Thanks for dropping by, Katie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I think I’m with Michael and Katie. These don’t strike me the way some of the other quotes have. But I wouldn’t mind having a fan base like Janet Evanovich! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Me either, Susanna! A fan base like hers would set you up for life, I would imagine. In saying that, I’ve read some reviews of her last book from unhappy fans, saying the series is going nowhere and there’s zero character growth. I just like the comic relief these quotes provide.

  5. T.F.Walsh

    Great quotes… makes me want to read the book and see their context:)

  6. OMG.and to end on that note I feel like i have to get that book. I’ve also only read one of hers but never thought of getting another. The one I read was also so funny it had be burst out in laughter a couple of times. ….Wendy_grp19: http://fabulosityreads.blogspot.com/http://fabulosityreads.blogspot.com/

  7. I haven’t read anything by her. The quote I like best is,โ€œHe was a good friend, and he was married to my cousin Shirley the Whiner.โ€

  8. I’ve never read Evanovich, but I like this blurb, it’s clever and funny. Makes me want to read more.

  9. Yeah, you know, you don’t read Janet for moving prose. Her readers love her funny, down to earth, New Jersey humor. It’s all about her voice. Personally, her fiction doesn’t interest me. But I have read her book “How I write:” which is really good. I have nothing against her stories, I just prefer more fantasy. I love Janet’s story on her path to publication. It’s very inspiring and I admire her very much! I do love the way she described fear in that first snippet tho. Very clever!

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