Busy busy busy!

I’ve been a busy little bee this weekend and so, alas, have not had time to come up with an insightful, witty and thought-provoking post for you.


Verbose manuscript, beware!

But I’m nevertheless happy to report that I’m still on track to finishing editing the first 50,000 words of my novel-in-progress Tangled by 5 September, having edited 21,500 words so far. Those 21,500 words have been reduced to 16,300 words, which is a reduction of 24%. If I keep this up, I’ll lop a whopping 41,000 off my word count. That’s an entire novella!

The editing process has sparked numerous thoughts and questions in my mind, many of which would be excellent fodder for blog posts. But unfortunately, it’s 10:30pm and I still have a heap of things to do before going to bed. So instead, I shall direct you over to two posts by fellow bloggers that I believe deserve your attention.

The first post is by PK Hrezo and is about not giving up. Every aspiring writer should bookmark this page for when the going gets tough.

The second post is by Susanna Leonard Hill and is about a cool new feature she’s hosting on her blog called Would You Read It, which gives writers the opportunity to post a pitch and have others provide feedback on whether or not they’d read the book and why.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go read their posts! 🙂



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13 responses to “Busy busy busy!

  1. Congrats on your revision progress – way to go!!! And thanks so much for mentioning Would You Read It – I hope some of your friends will come over and check it out and lend their expertise to the writers who have pitched so far 🙂

  2. Vicki Tremper

    Wow, congrats on all that busy-ness and good luck with your revision!

  3. Amy

    Congrats on the editing process! It’s always a great feeling, when a lot gets done! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you’re making headway. It’s a great feeling shrinking the “to do” pile.

  5. Wow, that’s a big cut you made on your word count. Go you!

  6. T.F.Walsh

    Well done on getting through your editing… I tend to find my story shortens when I edit as well… just need to write it longer in the draft stage I’m thinking:)

  7. Thanks for the writing inspiration! I needed it. 😉

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