I wish I wrote that (The Song is You)

Today’s quotes comes from Arthur Phillips’ The Song is You. 

(If you have no idea what this segement is about, read this post.)


The Song is You book cover

I wish I wrote that (or these quotes at least)

“The shadow of a snout moved at the gap between floor and door, side to side, frenetic clicking claws and snuffling, a Great Danish border inspection, still undecided between hostility and welcome.”

“She called Ian and was only mildly surprised to see the mysterious visiting cell phone suffer a little epileptic fit on her table.”

“The pilot… was younger than Julian by nearly a whole grown-up.”

Why do I like them?

They’re so creative. In each instance, Phillips takes an everyday situation and frames it in a fresh and comical way. Although I wasn’t fussed on the themes of this book, I loved its quirkiness.

Your turn

What do you think of these snippets? Like them? Hate them? Indifferent?



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12 responses to “I wish I wrote that (The Song is You)

  1. I love the dog sniffing under the door! Great.

  2. Haha, I LOVE that last one about the “whole grown-up”! Never heard that before!

  3. T.F.Walsh

    They’re pretty good quotes and you’re right, their creative and fresh – Nice:)

  4. They’re brilliant! And i especially love that first line… very elegant for such a mundane happening.

  5. I like the last line–interesting way of presenting their age difference!

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