I wish I wrote that (The Time-Traveller’s Wife)

This week’s quote comes from Audrey Niffernegger’s The Time Traveller’s Wife. 

(If you have no idea what this segement is about, read last week’s post.)

Time Travellers Wife

I wish I wrote that...

The quote

“We pass a Wal-Mart, a Dairy Queen, a McDonalds. More cornfields. An orchard. U-Pick-M Strawberries, Blueberries. In the summer this road is a long corridor of fruit, grain, and capitalism. But now the fields are dead and dry and the cars speed along the sunny cold highway ignoring the beckoning parking lots.” 

Why do I like this?

Can’t you just see the scenery flicking past the car window? I know areas just like it, areas that thrive in summer and die in winter. Plus there’s something quite poetic about Niffernegger’s prose, don’t you think?

… And since I couldn’t choose just one, here’s another quote from the same book:

The quote (2)

“She smiles a tiny wicked smile and thrusts her hips back and forth a couple times. I now have an erection that is probably tall enough to ride some of the scarier rides at Great America without a parent.”

Why do I like this?

What’s not to like? It’s hilarious! Although it probably destroys my argument about Niffernegger’s prose being poetic… 😉

Your turn

What do you think of these snippets? Like them? Hate them?



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4 responses to “I wish I wrote that (The Time-Traveller’s Wife)

  1. I love these both, but I am so biased because I totally LOVED this book from start to finish 🙂

  2. Great choices! I loved The Time Traveller’s Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry as well – Audrey is an amazing writer who serves up hairpin twists from beginning to end!

    • I didn’t enjoy Her Fearful Symmetry as much as The Time Traveller’s Wife, but still liked it. I was a bit ho-hum with the ending of Symmetry. You’re right though, Audrey is an AMAZING writer. 🙂

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