Tension blogfest wrap-up

I’m delighted to say we had 48 entries in the Power of Tension Blogfest.

The variety in the entries is fantastic – we’ve got zombies, teenage crushes, kidnapping, rekindled romances, elves, vampires, aliens, and of course, HEAPS of tension. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to participate!

Rachel Morgan and I are now making our way through the entries to determine who’ll be in our top six, which we’ll announce on both our blogs this Thursday. Then it will be over to you, our readers, to vote for your favourite, with the winner (as well as second and third prize) announced Monday 6 June.

In the meantime, have fun reading the entries and let the authors know you’ve stopped by!

  1. Amy Lunderman
  2. Sari Webb
  3. Sarah Ketley – Precocious Scribe
  4. Liam McGinniss: Something Doesnt Feel Right
  5. Charity Bradford–My Writing Journey
  6. Sticky Note Stories
  7. Vicki Tremper: All the Worlds in Words
  8. Susan Fields
  9. Crystal Colliers Crossroads
  10. Lissa Writes: Tension
  11. L. Blankenship – Notes from the Jovian frontier
  12. Teralyn Rose Pilgrim
  13. Lindz
  14. Grace At The Wild Pomegranate
  15. J. C. Martin, Fighter Writer
  16. Brenda Drake writes. . under the influence of coffee
  17. Wendy Tyler Ryan
  18. Trisha @ WORD+STUFF
  19. Mark Muratas Suburban Fantasy
  21. Stuart Sharp
  22. Madeleine
  23. Been there, done that
  24. Michael @ In Time . . .
    1. Libby Heily – Building Tension
    2. Raquel Byrnes, Edge of Your Seat Romance
    3. Gabriela Lessa – An Aspiring Writers World
    4. Word by Word
    5. Thumbin My Way
    6. The Bird Hater: Power of Tension Blogfest
    7. Of a Writerly Sort
    8. The Speech Contest
    9. Damyanti @ Amlokiblogs
    10. Sharon Bayliss
    11. Sarah McCabe- The Aspiring Sub-creator
    12. Little Bundle of Contradictions
    13. Cally Jackson Writes (non-eligible, just for fun)
    14. Rachel Russell
    15. Summer Rosss entry
    16. writing with shelly
    17. Run Gwen, Run!
    18. Kittie Howard
    19. Views From the Bald Patch
    20. Confessions of a Bibliophile
    21. Ellie Garratt
    22. Susanna Leonard Hill
    23. Strange Pegs (accepted late entry)
    24. Scheherazades Writing Life (accepted late entry)

This linky list is now closed.



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4 responses to “Tension blogfest wrap-up

  1. madeleine sara

    48 is an amazing number of participants! I certainly changed my view of tension in writing from reading so many of the entries already :O)

  2. Thank you for runnin’ this blogfest! This was actually the first blogfest I’ve ever participated in, and I’m very glad I did. I enjoyed it so much.

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