Thanks to Rach and her crusaders!

Yesterday was the final day of Rach Writesplatform-building crusade for writers, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to Rach for running such a fabulous event. When I signed on to be a crusader (after seeing a tweet from Aimee Salter about it), my blog was only nine days old. Twas just a bub!

But the crusade introduced me to so many wonderful writers who welcomed me to the blogosphere with open arms. Not only that, they entertained me, educated me, challenged me, and encouraged me.

Over the past three months, my humble blog has racked up over 3,400 hits, and I have no doubt that the majority of those are thanks to the connections I’ve made through the crusade. Although the crusade is coming to an end, the connections and friendships I’ve made over the past few months will continue for a long time to come. Thanks so much to all those crusaders who have welcomed me to the blogosphere and made my blogging debut so enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you’re interested in reading my entries to the three crusade challenges, here are some handy links for you:

 How about you? If you participated in the crusade, what did you get out of it? Are you planning to sign up to the next one in August?Writing crusader badge



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9 responses to “Thanks to Rach and her crusaders!

  1. I agree with you. I don’t regret ever joining this Crusade. I met golden people during this experience. 🙂
    Depending on what I’m up to when the time comes for the next one I may or may not join.
    I want to add in my voice here and say THANK YOU to Rach for hosting it.

  2. Yes, many thanks to Rach!

    I’m so glad I signed up for the Crusade, too. It’s been great “meeting” writers, finding blogs, and (of course) building platform. 🙂

    I’ll definitely be joining the next Crusade–I wonder if there will be any new Crusaders.

  3. Aw, thanks so much Cally. It’s wonderful to hear you got a lot out of the Crusade 🙂 I’m sad its has come to an end, but I know we’ll still keep in touch. And not long until the next one!



    PS – judging by the comments and emails I’ve receivd from people interested in joining, my next Crusade in August will be HUGE!!! 🙂


    • Can’t wait to meet all the new crusaders on the next one! And we’ll definitely keep in touch in the meantime.

      Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you have an easy way of telling which crusaders are from Australia? (been thinking about setting up a Twitter #AusLitChat and would like to canvas ideas)

  4. Not really, though I could ask “country” in my next form. Might be easiest to do a shout-out under #amcrusading a few days into the next Crusade – I can put it into my Crusader Notice-Board as well 🙂


  5. Yes. Hurrah for Rachel! I am feeling the same.

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