As Tangled as melted mozzarella


You might recall that in last week’s progress update, I upped the ante and set myself a first-draft deadline of Thursday 22 April for my novel-in-progress, Tangled. That date is now only 18 days away. Do I still think it’s achievable? Absolutely! 😀

I’m excited to report that I’ve written four chapters this week, which means I only have six to go until I reach the end of Tangled. I’m still not quite sure how to make the finale breathtaking and unforgettable, but hopefully I’ll figure it out when I get there!

Here’s a sample from chapter 92 for you. It’s the only part I could find in the four chapters that didn’t contain plot-spoilers!


Did we really have to talk about this? My hand slipped and I grated my knuckle along with the cheese. ‘Shit.’ I sucked my finger. ‘Sorry, you probably didn’t want blood with the cheese, did you?’

‘Are you okay?’ She inspected the damage.

‘Yeah, it’s just a graze. Nothing to worry about.’ I could tell she was trying to make eye contact, but I kept staring at the red gash on my knuckle like it was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen. After a while, she gave up and went back to the onions.

Things were silent for a bit, then she said, ‘I can understand if it’s still too hard for you to talk about. You didn’t have to grate your finger just to avoid the question.’

I laughed and was gunna argue but then realised there was no point — if I denied it, she’d just ask me again. So eventually I nodded. ‘Yeah, it’s still pretty raw. Bit like this.’ I held up my finger. 


Grated finger

Over the top? Me? Never!


The end of the tunnel is in sight! I can’t WAIT to reach it. Till then, stay tuned… 🙂



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4 responses to “As Tangled as melted mozzarella

  1. Oh man, that picture is FREAKIN’ me out!
    Wow, four chapters in a week? That sounds like a lot! Well done!

  2. ICK! Seriously … we need to talk about this post! SHEESH! I saw the pretty picture of yummy looking food and got all excited to read your post. But then I scrolled down TOO FAR and saw the FREAKY FINGER! Blech. Then I had to re-read the story more slowly and then look at the finger picture again.

    Blech. Blech. Blech.
    *head shudder*

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