As Tangled as the noodles in a Singaporean laksa

Singapore is an amazing country. I knew very little about it before I stepped aboard the plane that would take me to its shores. But for the past week, I have immersed myself in the wonders this unique country has to offer. The eclectic mix – of east and west, traditional and contemporary, familiar and unfamiliar – is simply extraordinary, and I could have spent many more weeks exploring its streets. But alas, a week was all Hubby and I could spare away from work and life. So home we go!

I’ll post more information about my trip later in the week once I’ve downloaded our photos, but let me just say this – for those who have only ever considered Singapore as a stop-over city, it’s much, much more than that. So add it to your list of must-visit countries, and make sure you venture outside of the airport!

Now, moving on to the topic of this post – my progress on Tangled, my novel-in-progress. Did I write this week, whilst abroad, or did I put the WIP aside and enjoy my travels?

I shall say yes to both! For the majority of the week, I enjoyed being a tourist in a foreign continent. But on Friday night, whilst Hubby was out watching the first NRL game of the season at the Boomerang Bar with his brother, I put my author’s hat on, sang quietly to my muse, and wrote 1250 words. And then, on Saturday morning, while Hubby was nursing a hangover from said night out, I wrote another 1200 words. Chapter 87 and chapter 88 bite the dust. Woot woot!

Here are some excerpts for you:


‘Before either of us could respond, the door buzzer went off. Bek picked up the intercom phone, and as she listened, her eyebrows rose slightly. She pressed the entry button without replying then turned to the door and waited. I held my breath as the footsteps up the stairs came closer. Then, a knock on the door…’



‘I started walking home, staring at my feet and feeling real sorry for myself, when I had to stop at this set of traffic lights. While I was waiting, this woman pushed a guy in a wheelchair up to the lights beside me. The guy looked about my age, but he had one of those diseases which meant he couldn’t control his muscles, so his arms and legs were twitching the whole time, and he was drooling a bit too. But then, he swiveled his neck so he was staring right up at me, and he gave me this big grin.

Jeez, I tell you what. Nothing’s ever put me in my place more than that grin. I mean, there I was, having a sook about failing my licence, when this guy’d never get a chance to sit behind the wheel in his whole life. Talk about having things out of perspective.’

My word count is now 160,900 and I have approximately nine chapters left to write. Single digits – so exciting!!!!

My excited face

My excited face (in case you'd forgotten what it looks like).



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10 responses to “As Tangled as the noodles in a Singaporean laksa

  1. Ooh, never been to Singapore before! Looking forward to seeing some of your photos 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good trip and kept up with your WIP. Well done you! And thanks for the reminder of your excited face 🙂

  3. Hey Cally,

    yep that is an excited face alright *grin*

    Glad you had a good time in Sinapore, i’m afraid my expertise with the country stops at the airport. I was rather grouchy at the time too if i remember correctly. Just off that plane to get on another one to london. (excited but tired i guess).

    9 chapters, wow, you are just plowing through it. I don’t envy your editing job with such a big manuscript.

    Talk later,


  4. I saw you comment on Rachel Harrie’s blog about how you added “networked Blogs” and it only showed you. I don’t see it yet but I added my name as well and it shows on my facebook page that I am following you.

    Besides I like your name. My real last name is Jackson, which is how it probably shows up in the Networked Blogs box, but my pseudonym and blog name is Arlee Bird. Good luck– I know how it feels to see only your name in that box. Mine was the same way, but lately it’s been growing like crazy.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Yay for you, getting at least a tad bit of writing done on your vacation. But YAY for you, for going to Singapore. I’ve never been, but some good friends of mine have been on a number of occasions, and their son plans to move there with his family.

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