As Tangled as a love triangle

On the coffee table beside me sits my passport. Its excitement at getting a fresh stamp within its pages is almost visible; it’s practically quivering in anticipation… or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee.

My excited face

My excited face

In my defence, I am trying to stay awake for a 2.30am flight. Because, in less than four hours, Hubby and I are off to Singapore – our first overseas holiday in nearly four years! As you can imagine I’m very excited about the trip (see photo for evidence).

I can’t wait to sample an authentic laksa (my favourite dish), slurp on a Singapore Sling, and explore a foreign country I know very little about. But enough about that for now. On to what this post’s really about – the progress I’ve made this week on Tangled, my novel-in-progress. So, did I meet my goal of writing one chapter a week? The short answer is no.

I exceeded it. By writing two chapters.  84 and 85 are now complete. Hooray! Haven’t I been a productive little worker bee? 😀

Okay, okay, in the interests of honesty and transparency, I must confess that the combined word count of the chapters I wrote this week is actually less than the word count of the one chapter I wrote last week. So it’s not really that amazing. But hey, it’s still good progress, right?

Here’s a sample from each chapter for you:

“Kristi stared at me for a moment then turned her gaze downward, back to her book. She sniffled. It took me a moment to realise it wasn’t just her cold, she was actually crying. Shock rendered me speechless and before I could recover, she spoke…”

“I started feeling nervous as soon as I hung up my mobile. Luke asked what was up, and when I told him, he pulled the car over.
‘Whatchya doing?’ I said.
‘Big test tomorrow. You may as well get some practice.’
Jeez that was nice of him. For all he knew, I could’ve been totally shithouse. So, just to put him at ease, I stalled the car two times before I took off. Good one, dickhead.”

As of right now, my word count is sitting at 158,460 (gulp) and I have about 11 chapters left to write. Not too far to go now! I’m still hoping to write a chapter this coming week, but Hubby might have something to say about that…

For the other writers reading this, I’m interested to know: what do you do when you go on a family holiday? Continue writing to keep up the momentum, or put it aside for the holiday and return to it afresh?



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16 responses to “As Tangled as a love triangle

  1. My advice – try to write a little, even 10 minutes a day, so you don’t lose touch with your characters, plot, momentum. My experience – it’s hard to do!

    But definitely take advantage of your wonderful trip by jotting down notes about what you see and do and experience so you’ll have firsthand reminders when it comes to another story down the road!

    Have a wonderful time!!!

    • Thanks for your advice, Susanna. In the end, I managed to write two chapters while in Singapore, which I was pretty pleased with. I also made some notes about the country itself so I’ll remember it accurately for future story locations.

  2. Kaye Peters

    I think it depends on where you’re going and if you’ve been there before. When we go to the beach I know that I’ll be able to get some writing done because to me there is always down time at the beach.

    However, this fall we’re going to Ireland for two weeks. I am going to try to write something every day, even if its just jotting down my thoughts and feelings about where I’m at (I’ve always wanted to go). We’ll see how well that goes.

    Hope you have an awesome time!

  3. Usually, when I go on vacation, I try to give myself a break from my novel. I’ll bring a notebook and a book to read so that I don’t go into total withdrawal, but that’s it. I know that if I go away and bring my WIP that I will constantly be thinking about it, (which I sort of do anyway), which isn’t fair to my family or to me. Plus, this will give you a chance to write about all of the amazing things you’re seeing, doing, and eating while you’re away!
    Congrats on completing the 2 chapters. That’s a mighty big word count you’ve got going there!
    ❤ Gina Blechman

    P.S. If you are interested in reading and/or betaing my manuscript, I can always send you a couple of chapters (no pressure) just to see if it's something that you're interested in. Otherwise, *fingers crossed* you'll just have to wait until it's published some day. 😛

  4. Hey Cally,

    oooh so exciting! i hope you have a great time. As for the writing i guess it depends, might be nice even to pretend to write. ie just feel yourself being a successful writer out in a nice exotic spot somewhere, manuscript in hand but no pressure. You can read and examine you novel, but maybe not write, but then again maybe you will. I would go with the flow. That is me though.

    So close to finishing that is awesome! good luck, and good luck with that mammoth edit you will have.

  5. Hi, fellow crusader stopping by… i never manage to get any writing done on vacations even though I always hopefully pack my laptop! Then it is sooo hard to get back into writing mode again. But Singapore! I will be back later to hear your travel stories.

  6. I love your excited face. I don’t blame you — your trip will be amazing! When we travel, which isn’t very often, I set aside the work. But I do bring paper and pencil. If I see a scene I’d like to create, or if I have an idea for the current wip, I jot it down.

    Have a great vacation!

  7. I’ve tried writing on vacations. Can’t. I would just enjoy if I were you! But I’m not you, so whatever you decide!!

    I dropped by from Twitter, since I got an email saying you were now following my tweets. I still haven’t figured out how to keep track of those I want to follow. Hope the light will dawn soon in my aging brain!!

  8. For me it’s all about balance and what I think is best. While on vacation if I’m writing something there is no way I can stop. It consumes me until its written or the fire remains and makes everyone miserable. That being said I do my best to keep a schedule of writing, so when I feel it, it doesn’t happen on vacations!

    Enjoy Singapore! Though I know this post has been up a bit this is the first time I’m visiting so I wanted to say hello!

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