How Tangled am I?

In a bid to keep myself motivated, I’ve decided to make Sunday night my Progress Update Night (nothing like a bit of accountability to keep things moving!). So, here goes…

This week, I’ve written 2,500 words. Chapter 82 is now complete, which – if my current plot break-down is correct – means I have 15 chapters left to write. Even if things move around a little, I don’t think I’ll have more than 18 chapters, which means I’ll end up with around 100 chapters (wowsa!).  My current word count is 151,600 (gulp) and my total projected word count is 169,300 (double gulp). But I’m trying not to think about that too much at the moment; I’m just trying to get the story out.

This week’s chapter was a tricky one as it represents a crucial moment in the story – a moment of realisation, a moment where the reader gets to see a real sense of change and development in Seb, my lead male character.  And you know what? I’m pretty happy with it! I’m sure I’ll rip it to pieces come edit-time but for a first draft, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  Time will tell whether others agree with me! 🙂

Sorry, what’s that? You’d like a little (non-spoiler) taste of chapter 82? Well, alright then, but only since you asked so nicely…

“On the bus into the city, this real weird feeling started to build up in my chest. It was like a bird had got stuck in my rib cage and was trying to flap its way out. I figured it was just nerves, so I tried to ignore it. But the feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. By the time I got off the bus, the bird was the size of an eagle. But I wasn’t gunna turn back now. No bloody way.”

Eek! Let me know what you think!

Before I sign off, I think I should set a goal – only way to keep me honest! So, here goes… my goal is to write at least a chapter every week until the story is done. If I’m able to achieve that, I’ll have a complete draft by mid-June. How exciting! I think it should be do-able, as long as work doesn’t get too crazy. Fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted…



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28 responses to “How Tangled am I?

  1. I think it’s so interesting how people have different problems — my word count is never quite high enough – I plow through, charging on to the end. I write like I read, I suppose – for plot and bugger the lovely descriptive passages. Let’s just get to the end! But that doesn’t make for a well-rounded book either. It’s amazing that you’re so close to finishing! Yay!

    • Francesca, the different kind of problems people encounter while writing definitely are interesting. I’ve always been too verbose – there weren’t many assignments I handed in at uni that were actually below the maximum word count! Clearly something I need to work on!

  2. Lisa Nowak

    I just formatted an ebook with 33 chapter and had to create hyperlinks for them. I can’t imagine doing 100. It’s kind of a monotonous chore. BTW, I’m a fellow crusader. Good luck meeting your goal!

  3. “Progress Update Night”- that’s a great idea! And your new goal is exciting – June will be here in no time 🙂 (And hey, even if it takes longer, you’ll still finish your book, and that’s HUGE!)

    I’m definitely familiar with that bird-in-chest feeling…! Now you’ve left us wondering why..?

    • Thanks Jolene! Yep, June isn’t that far away at all. I’m really hoping that I’ll reach my goal and be able to move onto the next stage of ‘The Big Edit’! So glad you’re familiar with the bird-in-chest feeling – definitely want the emotions expressed to be relatable. Glad you’re wondering why too! I’m planning to include a teaser in each of my progress updates, so stay tuned! 🙂

  4. I know the feeling about trying to get through that first draft. I’m going through the process now. Life got in the way for a while and I had no time, becaue of that I needed to walk away so I can refresh myself.
    Best of luch finishing!

    • Cynthia, I know exactly what you mean about life getting in the way. I had three months last year where I didn’t write a word because I just couldn’t make it a priority at the time. I’m very much hoping that doesn’t happen this year. I don’t think it will – I’m so close, I can taste it!

  5. wow, sounds like you are writing an epic. Congrats on your progress.

  6. Heya, fellow crusader. That’s one hell of a teaser! I loved it.


  7. Ooh, a chapter a week is VERY doable! I love how you turned the bird into an eagle, such fresh writing! Great to meet a fellow crusader!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  8. You’ve certainly piqued my interest!

  9. Hi, Cally

    I hopped over from Rach’s list to introduce myself and follow.

    Today the first challenge was posted…. YAH!


    February 18, 2011 2:40 PM

    • Thanks for stopping by Michael. Nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m still making my way through the blogs but I’ll be sure to get to yours soon! Looking forward to getting to know you through the crusade. 🙂

  10. Hi, fellow crusader and chicklit writer saying hi.
    Well done on setting yourself a goal. This can really work!

    • Thanks Louise. Yes I’m hoping that the goal-setting does pay off as I really want to finish this book soon! I’m still making my way through the blogs but I’ll be checking your out very soon! 🙂

  11. Hey, I liked that excerpt; nice way to describe a feeling of discomfort or unease. 🙂

    So, buddy crusader! I’m making the rounds today and checking out your blog. Nice to meet you, and Happy Friday! 🙂

    Artzicarol Ramblings

    • So glad to hear you liked the excerpt, Carol! Hopefully the rest of the book comes out that well! Thanks for dropping by. I’m still making my way through the blogs but I’ll be checking yours out very soon!

  12. onceupona

    Good luck with your writing goal! Dropped by from Rachael’s crusade list to say hello! Looks to be a lot of fun already! Also, you’ll see that I am logged in as ‘onceupona’ but my writing blog is a blogspot blog @ but I can subscribe here giving you more subscriptions so may as well, right? Hope that’s clear 🙂 Danette

  13. Great idea! Good luck on your goal. ☺
    Ooh, I’ve had that feeling before, like a bird was flapping inside of me. My curiosity is piqued.
    Stopping by to say hi to a fellow Crusader.

    • That’s awesome that you can relate to the bird flapping feeling Amanda. Definitely want what I write to be relatable!

      I’m still making my way through the blogs but I’ll be checking yours out very soon!

  14. making crusader rounds. Nice to meet you, now following!


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